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Dr. Catalyst's Telekinetic Wedgie by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Dr. Catalyst's Telekinetic Wedgie :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 34 0
Catalyst Telekinetic Wedgie PREVIEW by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Catalyst Telekinetic Wedgie PREVIEW :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 1 0
March Lottery Winner: Life Is Strange Wedgie by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
March Lottery Winner: Life Is Strange Wedgie :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 92 2
Leo and Aeris by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Leo and Aeris :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 30 9
Red Head BDSM Page 2 by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Red Head BDSM Page 2 :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 20 5
Jane Porter Wedgie by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Jane Porter Wedgie :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 235 51
Mastermind VS Velocity Flying Wedgie by ZenithIllustrations Mastermind VS Velocity Flying Wedgie :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 41 3 Flash in Peril V2 by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Flash in Peril V2 :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 6 0
Flash in Peril V1 by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Flash in Peril V1 :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 8 0
Angel and Demon of Sexuality by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Angel and Demon of Sexuality :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 1 0
Kraven and Spidey by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Kraven and Spidey :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 1 0
Daredevil and Punisher Page 1 by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Daredevil and Punisher Page 1 :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 2 0
February Lottery Winner by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
February Lottery Winner :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 86 4
LOL Wedgie 2: Growing Pains by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
LOL Wedgie 2: Growing Pains :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 134 12
#Kinky by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
#Kinky :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 2 0
Sir Adam Captured by ZenithIllustrations
Mature content
Sir Adam Captured :iconzenithillustrations:ZenithIllustrations 1 0


Savannah Hanging Wedgie by HotGum
Mature content
Savannah Hanging Wedgie :iconhotgum:HotGum 400 41
COM: Cass and Velocity by Chromosomefarm
Mature content
COM: Cass and Velocity :iconchromosomefarm:Chromosomefarm 74 5
COM: Dr. Catalyst Wedgie by Chromosomefarm
Mature content
COM: Dr. Catalyst Wedgie :iconchromosomefarm:Chromosomefarm 47 14
The Last Sentence :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,999 668
High Velocity Volume 2 Epilogue
Volume 2 Epilogue
Maggie cautiously opened the door. She peered in. She looked to the left and then to the right. The warehouse looked empty. Maggie sighed with relief. The villains that escaped must not have returned. Maggie creeped in and looked around. Her ass was still sore from the enormous wedgie Colossa had given her weeks earlier. Through great effort she had managed to dislodge her wedgie, but the pain hadn’t faded and she was still walking funny.
Maggie, wearing a green dress, white tights, black Mary Janes, and her thick rimmed glasses, tip toed bowlegged about the warehouse. This was her chance to get what she wanted. She saw what looked to be a phone booth loosely cobbled together. It looked as if it had been crushed and then reassembled. She stepped into the strange device and saw a control panel. She began typing into the control pad to see if she could turn the machine on. Before she could figure it out, the booth closed on her, locking her in.
“Oh no
:icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 5 4
TI-Toolbox by augustineart
Mature content
TI-Toolbox :iconaugustineart:augustineart 280 11
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 39
Chapter 39: Rate of Change

“Ahahahahaha,” cackled Dr. Catalyst, “Finally my time has come!”
The Hawk had no time for this dweeb. She drew three of her throwing knives and flung all three of them directly at him. Dr. Catalyst held his hand out and all three stopped in midair. Everyone’s eyes widened. He had gotten Entropy’s powers.
Dr. Catalyst flicked his wrist and the knives flew back at The Hawk. She leapt to the side to dodge the attack, but her lost reflexes meant that she still caught a throwing knife to the shoulder. She yelled out as she collapsed to her knees, not having experienced this kind of pain in a long time.
Specter jumped into action next, charging at Dr. Catalyst directly before leaping at him with her fist back and ready to punch. Dr. Catalyst responded by holding out his hand and emitting pink electricity. Specter instinctively tried to teleport away, but without her powers had no other course of action. Sh
:icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 6 2
Mature content
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 38 :icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 7 5
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 37
Chapter 37: Communication Breakdown
The four heroes marched slowly up the street past the perimeter of police cars and up to the Panda News Network. They past multiple police officers fixing their awful wedgies.  Some of them, like Aston and Jennings, had actually taken a pair of scissors to their underwear to cut away the access fabric.  The heroes gave the officers nods of thanks for their service as they walked past them to the front door.  Moments before they reached the front door, their first opponent brazenly emerged from them.
“Well look who it is!” greeted Joule, snickering as she rested her hands on her hips.
The heroes wasted no time. Duplica created two clones of herself and all three spread out as they ran towards Joule. Joule clenched her fists and built up electricity, excited at the prospect of defeating these twerps. That moment of excitement passed as Joule noticed herself enveloped a shadow. Looking up, Joule saw a metal trash can te
:icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 7 2
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 36
Chapter 36: Filmed in Front of a Live Studio Audience

The light dissipated as Specter, Entropy, and the Hawk teleported to and looked around the construction site. They had expected Duplica back some time ago, and had decided to investigate given her disappearance. The construction site looked normal save for a pile of dirt that had been knocked down recently. They all looked around. That’s when the Hawk noticed the distinct sound of a mechanical whirring in the distance.
“That way,” she pointed.
The heroes walked toward the noise before finally finding the cement mixer still active with Duplica’s butt and legs sticking out of it. Specter cursed as the Hawk ran up to the machine and flipped the switch to turn it off. Entropy then grabbed Duplica telekinetically and yanked her out of the cement mixer. Duplica fell on her butt in the dirt and started slowly swaying from side to side before falling onto her back. They all gathered around her
:icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 9 0
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 35
Chapter 35: The Best Laid Plans

“This is ludicrous,” said Entropy as she finished reading the letter Velocity had handed them.
“I know!” added Specter, “They can’t use ‘Masters of Evil’ as their name! It’s totally taken already!”
“Specter please,” appealed Velocity, “Wanda’s in danger. This is serious.”
“Sorry,” apologized Specter.
“Well it’s clearly a trap,” noted the Hawk, “We can’t just walk right into it.”
“Why not?” demanded Velocity, “What could they possibly have that could overpower all five of us?”
“Velocity,” explained Duplica earnestly, “Colossa beat three of us by herself.”
“And they might have some sort of nullifier trap set up,” added Entropy.
“And if Duplica’s ghost assailant really does exist,” noted Specter, “They outnumber us
:icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 5 0
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 34
Chapter 34: Your Princess is in Another Castle

Wanda pumped away at the elliptical. She had her pink earbuds in that were attached to an MP3 player she had placed in front of her. She was wearing a black tank top, black leggings, and cute white and pink gym shoes. Her hair was back in a ponytail and she was jamming to the pop music in her ears as sweat dripped from her hair and down her back. The workout center in Wanda’s apartment building had always been popular, but this day in particular there appeared to be almost completely full.
Wanda pumped away, heart racing from the exercise. She felt like she was working harder than she normally did to keep up this pace. It also felt like there was a breeze of some sort in the room. Wanda looked down at her console and saw that the incline was higher than she had left it at. That was strange. She felt another breeze and saw that the incline had increased. Wanda looked at the console in disbelief as she kept feel
:icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 8 2
Mature content
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 33 :icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 11 5
Commission - Velocity vs Speedstra Wedgie Fight by MrBragas Commission - Velocity vs Speedstra Wedgie Fight :iconmrbragas:MrBragas 248 16
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 31
Chapter 31: Fade to Black

Duplica sprinted down the street, pumping her arms and breathing heavy from the effort of the run. Several yards in front of her, the thief was putting distance between them. She wore loose purple clothing that looked expensive, golden bracelets, and golden hoop earrings. She looked over her shoulder at Duplica. Much to Duplica’s frustration, the woman didn’t appear distressed. She had a wide grin and expressive eyebrows. At this moment the eyebrows were expressing complete confidence. Duplica scowled in frustration.
The woman rounded the corner into an alley. Duplica pushed herself to the max, put her head down, sprinted around the corner, and leapt forward to catch the thief. Instead Duplica leapt right into a brick wall, falling back onto her butt with a face red from embarrassment and impact. She looked around. It was a dead end and the thief was no where to be found. The only thing there was a fire esca
:icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 9 0
High Velocity (Superhero Wedgies) Chapter 32
Chapter 32: You Must Be This Tall to Ride

“Alright,” explained Dr. Catalyst, “So once you step into this box I will activate the energies and you will find yourself with some unknown power. Once you do, you’ll pledge your loyalty to-”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” dismissed Cassandra.
Dr. Catalyst would have taken issue with this, but frankly speaking Cassandra scared him. She was taller than him and her muscles were impressive. She wore leggings and a tank top that showed off just how in-shape she was. After what she did to Maggie Dr. Catalyst didn’t want to know what she’d do to him. What’s more she didn’t seem like the type to team up with those wretched heroes, so her betrayal seemed unlikely.
Cassandra stepped into the small telephone booth-looking device and turned around, crossing her arms impatiently. Dr. Catalyst went to his console and activated the collider. The door to the booth closed at white
:icond0d0bird:d0d0bird 11 7


Hi everyone! I'm pretty happy to say that I've gotten a ton of commissions in the past few weeks as well as a substantial increase in my Patreon following! This is wonderful news for me and I'm super happy about it (especially with my birthday around the corner). I'll be thanking my Patreon patrons with a remake of my first wedgie drawing (Velocity in the tree) as well as their usual rewards. As for the rest of ya'll, I've got a HUGE backlog on art that I realized I haven't posted (most of which is BDSM related), so I'll be posting a lot of that over the next few days, some of which will have wedgie variations for my Patreon patrons.

And if none of that interests you, ya'll have these commissions that I'm working on to look forward to as well:

More High Velocity art
A sequel to my LOL drawing
The February Patreon Lottery Winner
My first anthro/furry drawing

All of which will include the usual brand of wedgie-filled goodness ya'll love.

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United States
Female artist specializing in commissions of the sexy genre. ;P


Dr. Catalyst's Telekinetic Wedgie
A commission for d0d0bird featuring Elena Entropy giving Dr. Catalyst a severe telekinetic wedgie.

Interested in commissioning a drawing of your own? Check out my prices here:

Want to see an alternate version of this drawing, early looks at other drawings, or the chance to win a free commission? Become a Patreon patron here:
Catalyst Telekinetic Wedgie PREVIEW
Here's a preview of my upcoming drawing, once again featuring d0d0bird 's Dr. Catalyst! The finished version will be up in a week.

Become a Patreon patron to see it NOW here:
March Lottery Winner: Life Is Strange Wedgie
I'm finally catching up on the lottery winner drawings! This one features Chloe and Maxine from Life is Strange!

Interested in winning a free commission of your own? Every month I randomly select one of my patrons to win a free two character drawing. The higher your Patreon pledge and the longer you've been a patron, the better your chances!

As always, there will be an alternate version posted exclusively for my $3+ Patreon patrons. Become a patron here:

Interested in commissioning a custom drawing of your own? Check out my prices here:
Leo and Aeris
Here's a commission I did for thelinesmen featuring Leo and Aeris from VG Cats giving each other wedgies.

I'll admit this was my first time really drawing anthro/furry characters, but I was super glad to be able to do it. They're fun to draw in their own way!

An alternate version of this drawing is available for $3+ Patreon patrons:

Interested in commissioning a drawing of your own? Check out my prices here:


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